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Choosing the right white water kayak for you

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Glenmore Lodge teacher Giles Trussell goes through some of the alternatives and considerations when buying a white water kayak. Glenmore Lodge provide a variety of White Water Kayaking course from March to December. We provide courses from a two day introduction right through to advanced courses based on grade 4 & 5 rivers.

Getting Started Kayak Fishing | Tips for Beginners

Hope this assists a few of you getting started in kayak fishing, And remember to use your PFD! Any more questions make sure to ask by commenting or emailing.

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Buying a Kayak for First Time? Know Kayak Types.

Kayaking: Exactly what to Know When Purchasing a Kayak – as part of the specialist series by GeoBeats.

My name is Steve Gibons and I am with Scappoose Bay Kayaking here in Oregon. We are an organization that has actually been here for about the last 11 years, and we are here to help individuals out in regards to purchasing kayaks. My understanding is that you would like to understand a bit about kayaks. And the very first thing that we always ask people when they have an interest in buying a boat is 2 things. What do you see yourself carrying out in the kayak? If you are just looking for something that you are going to utilize a couple times throughout the summer season, well then naturally you may not have an interest in a bigger investment. However if you discover, which you will, that you actually take pleasure in kayaking, then there is various degrees of kayaks that you may be interested in purchasing too, and it can go right from the really starting all the way to the more pricey boats.

What I indicate by that is, remains in the early phases, a standard novice kayak, is what we call a leisure kayak. A leisure kayak is a boat that has a large cockpit, which is what this opening is. It is extremely easy to get in and out of, it is adaptable to all sizes of kids and grownups. It is really stable, it is fairly a little much heavier than some other materials. It is constructed out of a plastic, exactly what we call a milk bottle plastic or a polyethylene plastic, and to keep its structural stability, since of the material, it needs to be made very thick in order to remain strong, and that adds to the weight. So in your basic newbie design kayaks, it will have a tendency to be a bit much heavier but much more steady since of their widths and of their length.

As you progress up into different designs of boats based upon your own paddling abilities, you might also begin working yourself up into boats like we call this a touring-style boat. And a touring-style kayak can still also be made out of the polyethylene material, but you will observe that it is going to be alot thinner, they are going to be a lot longer, it will have a little bit various sized openings to obtain into the cockpit itself, and they are more for the innovative paddling where you might take yourself out into more negative conditions or different types of paddling situations.

There are some that are sort of a hybrid in between the two, and this particular boat, it is a real light-weight kayak, however it does have a big cockpit, so it has a recreational size cockpit and yet the material is a thermal formed product called carbonite. And since of the structure of the material itself is very light-weight. So in this particular boat, it is a bit more cash, but you are getting a big cockpit, you are getting a lighter weight boat, and you are getting a really resilient boat as well.

The degree of cost varies on the real material as well. In your recreational style boats you can typically get into a recreational style boat for around $500 to $600, someplace in that area. There are some that are even less in cost but you may find that they are also less in size and they will not always fit you. As you advance up into much better quality materials, whether it is more powerful or more light-weight, the cost likewise increases due to the fact that the product cost more and the construction and the design and everything likewise increases. So the product designs differs in sizes and also the weight will alter based upon the material themselves.

The reason why I ask what you are going to finish with a kayak is because individuals tend to wish to buy the least pricey boat they can to get into and onto the water. And sometimes that boat might be the boat that you will stay with permanently. However in my experience for the last 35 years in kayaking, what usually occurs is individuals will like the sport, they will purchase an affordable boat to get into it, they will paddle that boat around for maybe a summertime approximately and then understand that they wish to paddle more often, they wish to go to more places, they wish to do more things and in some cases a recreational style boat is not the proper boat for going out into more advanced paddling locations. So they will buy another boat-they can either turn this in a resale or alot of times they will keep it at their garage or at their home or their cabin or whatever for when they are buddies pertain to visit who might not be as paddling-skilled as they have now ended up being, and they will buy an upgrade boat and have a much better quality boat to paddle around in.