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Choosing the right white water kayak for you

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Glenmore Lodge teacher Giles Trussell goes through some of the alternatives and considerations when buying a white water kayak. Glenmore Lodge provide a variety of White Water Kayaking course from March to December. We provide courses from a two day introduction right through to advanced courses based on grade 4 & 5 rivers.

Sea Kayak Videos Episode 1: Getting Started

The first episode in a series hosted by John Dowd. John, together with his other half Bea, was the starting editor and publisher of the 'Sea Kayaker' magazine and is the author of many books, consisting of 'Sea Kayaking' A handbook for the cross country paddler. He is a passionate explorer and has carried out numerous daring kayak explorations all over the world.
The series are based upon programs established by John Dawson and Dan Lewis.
This episode takes a look at some of the methods a kayaker can develop the standard skills and understanding to securely get on the water and gain experience.

The Sea Kayak Video Series wased initially presented on DVDs for sale on line or in specialized stores.

How to Kayak : How to Not Capsize your Kayak

Learn the best ways to avoid tipping over in a kayak using low and high bracing methods for balance, in this complimentary kayaking video.

Professional: Janet Burnett Cowie
Contact: www.kayaklesson.com
Bio: Janet Burnett Cowie has been teaching kayaking given that 1982 and is an ACA Swiftwater Rescue trainer, tandem and solo canoe instructor and an ACA whitewater kayak teacher fitness instructor.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso