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Want to buy a kayak?  Why not get one that’s special and a lot of fun?  You’re looking for Crystal Kayak.

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Why buy a Crystal Kayak?

  • They’re transparent; made from tough, durable polycarbonate.  You can see right through it!
  • They switch from one person to two person use in seconds.
  • They’re lightweight; weighing in at 45 pounds.
  • High-visibility flotation pouch at each end.
  • Comfortable, easily-adjusted ergonomic seats
  • Crystal Kayaks are affordable
  • Crystal Kayaks are fun!

If you like paddling in the water, wouldn’t you also want to see what’s in it?  A Crystal Kayak lets you see right through the bottom of the kayak into the water.  Fish, plants, rocks – you name it, if it’s in the water, you’ll see it in a Crystal Kayak.

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