The Beginners Guide to Canoe Sprint

All you have to learn about the Olympic discipline of Canoe Sprint that has real medal capacity for Great Britain at the London Olympic Games.

12 thoughts on “The Beginners Guide to Canoe Sprint

  1. TheOrbitalDropShock

    I checked it up a bit more. Both of us are somewhat right. It depends on
    where you come from. In some countries both Canadian canoes and kayaks are
    called canoes while in some they only mean Canadian canoes when they say
    canoes. In this video you here him say ¨Canadian canoe¨ when he refers to
    what you call canoe.

  2. Logan Butters

    Im talking about sprint canoes here. K-1 stands for kayak 1, C-1 stands for
    Canada 1, which is what he is talking about in the video.

  3. TheOrbitalDropShock

    Lol I know what K1, K2, K3 (though they’re not used in competitions nor
    manufactured by the sprint canoe manufacturers), K4 and C1, C2 and C4 is.
    But I still don’t get your first comment at all.

  4. Logan Butters

    My first comment pertains to the fact that if it were a Canoe Sprint video
    it would only contain clips of C1 C2 and C4. And the reason I pointed out
    the meaning of C1 is because most people think its Canoe 1, but its canada

  5. Дмитрий Воронцов

    мало что понял))
    но очень не обычные тренировки у них!!

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