Sea Kayak Videos Episode 1: Getting Started

The first episode in a series hosted by John Dowd. John, together with his other half Bea, was the starting editor and publisher of the 'Sea Kayaker' magazine and is the author of many books, consisting of 'Sea Kayaking' A handbook for the cross country paddler. He is a passionate explorer and has carried out numerous daring kayak explorations all over the world.
The series are based upon programs established by John Dawson and Dan Lewis.
This episode takes a look at some of the methods a kayaker can develop the standard skills and understanding to securely get on the water and gain experience.

The Sea Kayak Video Series wased initially presented on DVDs for sale on line or in specialized stores.

24 thoughts on “Sea Kayak Videos Episode 1: Getting Started

  1. John Dawson

    Thank you all for your encouraging comments.It is gratifying to know that
    sharing our experience via the video medium is so well appreciated.

    1. Joseph Gutierrez

      Thank you for the video. Very informative and it is presented in a logical,
      easy to follow format. Great Video.

  2. Mark Stafford

    Please don’t waste my time on the bad photography and crappy effects at the

    1. John Dawson

      Yes, Its clear that your time is being wasted.
      The imagery of the title sequence was intended to convey the emergence of
      modern kayaking from its inuit roots. If it doesn’t work for you just press
      your fast forward button.

    1. John Dawson

      Yes. John Dowd is a Newzealander. If you would like to read more about his
      background a new issue of his book is being released in April 2015

  3. Josue Garcia

    Hi, I want to do a charity fund raiser and the way i’m going to raise money
    is by Indiegogo, I want to Kayak from Jacksonville,Florida to Miami,Florida
    around 380 miles. I was wondering What should i bring on the trip and if
    you have any advice that would be awesome! I’m 16 by the way, right now I’m
    planning and gathering information before i set up the fund raiser.

  4. Martin Bettler

    I love the slapstick scenes! That’s definitely the way to do it. )

    /… a joke guys. Great movie./

  5. Demar Gio

    Thanks for sharing valuable information and techniques with the lovers of
    the sports. and FOR FREE!!! Kayaking is already an expensive sport but free
    instructional videos like this really helps! :D

  6. Nicky L

    I find it interesting that the paddle blades are on the same plane
    as each other rather than being at an angle to each other

  7. Florida Girl Adventures

    This is a great 1st episode! I just found it- cant wait to watch more of
    your adventures.

  8. Aaron Dover

    NEW ZEALAND = NEWSY LAND. They probably make much of the news in NEWSY

  9. fehr2005

    hi, Im from Switzerland and would like to thank you so much for sharing
    this Video. I’am just starting learning Kajak and this Video is realy
    educational for me. Thank you much.

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