Kayaking & Canoeing for Beginners : How to Paddle in a Kayak

Enjoy and learn as our professional shows you the essentials of paddling when kayaking in this totally free boating video on kayaking and canoeing for newbies.

Specialist: Phil Meyer
Bio: Phil Meyer started his kayaking career in Colorado in the days when kayaks were made in the backyard out of fiberglass and river trips meant dropping in eddies to duct tape your kayak back together.
Filmmaker: Paul Raila

17 thoughts on “Kayaking & Canoeing for Beginners : How to Paddle in a Kayak

  1. shepster505

    How to paddle a kayak??? at any time in this video do you think he might
    have even touched a paddle?

  2. MrTommy001

    There isn’t even a paddle IN SIGHT. How about “looking at different kinds
    of kayaks”?

  3. Phrancis5

    I would not consider a 14′,25″ wide kayak a touring boat and with proper
    edging and strokes that “touring” boat can turn faster than the fat ones.

  4. Andrea Elkins

    This is mistitled – it’s about the variance between types of kayaks,
    nothing about how to paddle

  5. TheKayakerFSM

    Never did I think someone could ramble on about flat water kayaking. You
    should try whitewater kayaking.

  6. galanie

    You guys are beginners and want to know about whitewater kayaking? Excuse
    me? A beginner shouldn’t do that! But the only thing I see about paddling
    one is… nothing. He doesn’t even mention that you need one.

  7. VegasGamer102

    dude i thought this was to learn how to paddle cus im going tomorrow and im
    a newb i need help lol

  8. amjPeace

    The best thing about the sit-on-top kayak is that spiders can’t hide inside
    the boat.

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