Kayaking Basics for Beginners : How to Get into the Kayak from the Water: Beginning Kayaking Lesson

Learn ways to get back into the kayak after falling under the water in this complimentary video.

Professional: Lloyd Reeves
Contact: www.fastkayak.com
Bio: Lloyd Reeves started paddling with his father as a young child. He won his first canoe race at the age of 12 and developed his very first kayak at the age of 14.
Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves

15 thoughts on “Kayaking Basics for Beginners : How to Get into the Kayak from the Water: Beginning Kayaking Lesson

  1. computrav

    Good initial advice, but doesn’t really show how to get into the kayak from
    the water as the video title would suggest…

  2. dannygun34

    I think this is a horrible video. I keep thinking these expert village vids
    will get better but I am let down more times thatn not. I think most people
    already know the best advice is to get instruction but we look at these
    vids to be shown some basics to see if its something we would be interested
    in. That being said some of their vids are ok but for the most part I will
    look elsewhere.

  3. gruuz

    comme Makapuubodysurfing et le proverbe chinois je pense que “une image
    vaut mille mots”

  4. gtkayakcoach

    I have that T-shirt. I think it was from the Sacramento nationals? or
    Oakland. I can not remember

  5. guyontheend

    So to sum up “How to get into a kayak from the water”, your tips are: Get
    instruction. Thanks a fucking lot

  6. Johnjohn

    “My tips: Get Instruction” Instructor “My tips are to pay me now” Palease.
    There are plenty of books and vids here to teach theories and stuff for
    kayaking. I like to save money do you? All you need is to read and then
    have a friend of two with you and practice stuff in shallow water. Why do
    some of these vids make flat water Kayaking out to be a huge ordeal, it is
    just practice and learning by doing, paying someone to stand there and give
    you there opinions on things is not what its about.

  7. Jim B

    Silly me, I thought “Kayaking basics for beginners” videos would involve
    actual Kayaks in water…

  8. Bleach Remixed

    “Hey guys let me explain how to get into your kayak after you’ve flipped….
    go get an instructor!” what an idiot.

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